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Wrongfully Arrested, Forced to Defend Myself

On September 26th 2011, just over two weeks after suffering a devastating flood, I would be the victim of a wrongful arrest, and would be forced to defend myself in court. This false accusation was preceded by over a year of constant harassment by multiple individuals connected with the Village of Owego government, as well as other governmental agencies; it would be followed by more years of similar abuses. I will soon be releasing detailed stories on what I suffered during this time, in the meantime; I have made available the closing statements of my trial, which I believe illustrate many abusive procedures that have been put in place. I have also made both days of the trial available for download.

To set the scene: I purchased a home for $100 at auction that was slated for demolition. I knew of salvage material in the building, as well as some new materials, and therefore purchased the property. After purchasing the property, I was encouraged by Code Enforcement to write up a plan to save the structure and began to work on the house.

I would face bogus asbestos "incidental disturbance" charges, baseless stop work orders, threats of arrests, trolling online, and then on September 26th 2011, things would escalate.

A woman named Laura Rodd who lived in the property next door, was always friendly with me, although she had mentioned that her boyfriend had top secret clearances with Lockheed Martin, and they weren't people to mess with. Laura was well known for getting involved in local political matters, and was also known for making large numbers of complaints to various government enforcement agencies. Laura Rodd had been filing complaints against me and my property for over a year, while smiling to my face and trading perennials. On September 26th 2011 Laura Rodd filed false Trespass charges against me; this would only be the first time she successfully had me arrested on completely made up, baseless charges, with absolutely no evidence to back up the claim; twice securing orders of protection which barred me from entering my own home.

Please listen to the closing statements, and if you are interested, I encourage you to listen to the entire trial. I am defending myself before the Village of Owego Court. I was found Not Guilty.

Trial Day 1 Trial Day 2

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