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Restoring the Constitution to it's rightful place as the highest law of the land

The protections provided by the Constitution have been steadily eroded by all three branches of government. Unconstitutional court decisions represent a threat to our system of government and must be ignored. Federal, State, and local laws in violation of Constitutional protections must not be enforced.

A New Strategy to the "War on Drugs"

Drug Cartels and the Prison Industrial Complex are making money hand over fist, money that finds its way into local government, bringing massive corruption. Drug use, drug deaths, and drug toxicity continues to climb, despite "tough on drugs" policies which disproportionately target not only minorities, but target the users and the lowest level dealers, while leaving the larger players alone. These larger players are "farmed" by state and federal agencies over the course of months and years, for access to drug proceeds through civil asset forfeiture. The Sheriff needs to protect Tioga County residents from these types of farming operations. Decriminalizing drugs would destroy their value, thus destroying the vast criminal underground economy which promotes drugs upon our youth. Most drugs are cheap to produce, it is criminalization which artificially inflates these values. The potential for such easy profits leads to corruption, especially in the very organizations intended to regulate narcotics. Unfortunately, decriminalization will need to come at the state and federal level. In the meantime, I have a plan that will minimize costly incarcerations of nonviolent offenders, while still greatly reducing drug use, and preventing Tioga County from becoming a haven for drug dealers.

Prioritizing Vulnerable Populations

Police resources being pulled from lengthy drug investigations will be better applied in fighting to protect our most vulnerable populations: children and the elderly.

Elder abuse and fraud against the elderly are on the rise, the Sheriff's department should play in active role in reaching out to the elderly to ensure that they are not the victims of crime, as well as educating the elderly of potential scams and current threats.

Our children must be better protected from sexual abuse and trafficking. The Sheriff's department must devote resources to catch predators, by working with victims, but also by conducting sting operations, which serve not only to catch predators, but give Tioga County a reputation as an unsafe place to solicit minors. Solving and preventing abuse of children will go a long way in reducing drug abuse, as physical and sexual abuse often leads to drug dependency.

Jail Reform

It is the County Sheriff's job to oversee the jail. The beating of a handcuffed inmate by a former Lieutenant, and the subsequent refusal to press criminal charges, calls into question Gary Howard's fitness to be Sheriff. After watching the video, and speaking with former inmates, it is clear that the entire staff was aware of the violent, criminal behavior, and so were the majority of male inmates. As Sheriff, I will prioritize keeping both inmates and corrections officers safe from harm and in an environment that respects their civil rights. It is important to remember that the majority of inmates are awaiting trial and have not been convicted of a crime; they are by definition innocent. Those individuals serving sentences at the jail are serving sentences under two years, and will soon return to our communities. Why are we allowing this dehumanizing and abusive behavior to occur to them? As Sheriff, I will open a dialogue with both corrections officers and inmates, ensuring that we never have a similar incident of violence. It needs to be clearly stated and enforced, that excessive physical violence, sexual assault, and other civil rights violations will not simply result in a forced resignation of your position, but in criminal prosecution. No one is above a just law.

The SAFE Act and Red Flag Laws

"The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." That says it all. The SAFE Act and many other firearm regulations are unconstitutional and are therefore unenforceable. As Sheriff, I will respect the Constitution and will not arrest otherwise law abiding citizens for using their inalienable rights.

Cracking Down on Corruption

The Sheriff's Department will crack down on corruption and theft by elected officials and government employees. There has been far too little oversight of local government bodies and it is beginning to show. The finances of the Village of Owego must immediately be investigated to protect the taxpayers. Clerk/Treasurer Rodney Marchewka is unwilling or unable to provide accurate or timely financial statements, and has refused to cooperate with auditors, intentionally hindering the process. This behavior will be investigated. Rodney Marchewka will no longer operate above the law; nor will anyone else.

Meet the Candidate

My name is Joe Breitwieser and I am proud to be offering the residents of Tioga County a choice when it comes to electing a County Sheriff. I am a proud father of 2 and have lived in the Owego/Candor area for over 10 years. I received my Associates from Broome Community College in Paralegal Studies, and have experience working in real estate and more recently in government. I have no experience in law enforcement, but have strong philosophical beliefs on that matter, which I will be constantly publishing. What led me to run for County Sheriff were my negative experiences after I dared to speak out at Village of Owego Board Meetings, calling out the use of the position of Village Attorney in squashing debate, and claiming debatable issues were a matter of law, effectively shutting out the Board of Trustees from all important decisions. I became the victim of an organized group of harassers, most of which were connected with local government and policing agencies. I found myself repeatedly arrested on false charges, issued with orders of protection which barred me from my own home, My house was searched without a warrant and I was initially fined tens of thousands of dollar for an asbestos "incidental disturbance" that had taken place 20 years before I owned the property. I would be trolled online, my tenants would be harassed, my properties were vandalized, one tenant was actively encouraged by code enforcement and local law enforcement to severly damage my property, and the courts and Sheriffs were intentionally slow in the eviction process. I was run off the road, had false reports made against me in the press, and so much more. While I lost tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the time and stress I was put through, I was still able to prove my innocence against the false accusations against me, and managed to avoid a criminal record or liens on my property due to the asbestos incidence. When I went public with what was happening, the harassment got worse, but I also met a large number of people who were being abused by this same crew. The Sheriff's Department refused to help me, even when shown proof of criminal activity, but because one of the main harassers (Village of Owego Clerk/Treasurer Rodney Marchewka) was close friends and next door neighbors with our current Tioga County Sheriff Gary Howard, investigators were told not to press charges. I decided that something must be done. I have written a book on the abuses against me and I will also be releasing individual short stories in the very near future. I make this oath: When I am elected County Sheriff, those individuals who harass and stalk political opponents will be exposed and prosecuted. I also swear that I will not stoop to this level and abuse my powers as Sheriff to victimize others.


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